From a One-man Enterprise Established in 1951 to a Flourishing Company


Meinrad Oswald was fascinated by natural ingredients produced in faraway lands, even from his earliest days. Good taste was his passion, and so, at the age of just 20, he bought a small coffee roasting business in Zurich.

Since 1951, he has sold his products directly to his customers, without retail or wholesale intermediaries. This personal customer contact was his recipe for success.

In addition to roasting coffee, Oswald also devoted a great deal of attention to the exploration of unique spices. This resulted in spice blends, bouillons, and sauces, which, to this day, have aromas and flavours that set them well apart from conventional mixtures. Thus, “Oswald’s fine cuisine” was born. The one-man enterprise rapidly developed into a successful company with its own retail outlets and employees who visited and advised customers at home.

From its earliest days, Oswald has exemplified what today’s marketing experts call “customer proximity.” Home visits, customer discussions, attentive listening, divining wishes, then developing and offering products on this basis: he greatly enjoyed all these things.


New Production Site in Steinhausen/ZG


In 1958 Oswald opened a new production facility in Steinhausen (Canton of Zug) with new production plants for powder and paste mixtures. From the outset, the product range has continuously expanded and adapted in accordance with contemporary culinary trends.

This required us to update the production plant with the latest technologies.


Customer-oriented Swiss Company for B2B and B2C


Over recent years, the company grew from a small, family-run enterprise into a strong, modern food business. Today, around 100 employees work in production and administration in Steinhausen to create nearly 200 products.

The company continues to place tremendous importance upon personal contact with consumers and professionals, which is why we are always engaged in conversation with those we serve. Our most successful core products are various kinds of bouillons and condiments, tailor-made to the needs and desires of our customer base.