Our various bouillons are the perfect place to start soups, sauces, and more . Whether you decide on our delicious meat bouillons or hearty vegetable bouillons, you will find a taste appropriate for completing and refining your meal by adding a personal note and making it even more exquisite.


Our wide selection of OSWALD seasonings can pep up your salads, BBQ dishes, marinades for meat and poultry, hot and cold recipes, dipping sauces and more. Everything is quick, easy, and, of course, fail-proof. Whether it’s for Mediterranean cuisine, local fare, or international meals, we provide excellent taste that goes well with anything, from a hors d’oeuvres to salad, from soups to the main course meats or vegetables.


We are proud of our various and delicious “ready to spread” Salad Condiments (powder mix) that can be easily added to your personal liquid formulation of vinegar and oil.

Create your unmistakable blend of a salad dressing of any kind and surprise your guests.

We offer a Salad Mix “Classic” and an “Italiana” version for seasonings that are consumed immediately, and our FINESSA FRENCH and FINESSA ITALIAN version for larger volumes of salad dressings, that can be stored in the fridge for several days.



Taste our wide range of sauces (in dry powder, paste or granules), from basic gravy to specific sauces.

Make a difference to your meal by our Oswald sauces, by fat free gravy or classic gravy, basic sauce for game, tomato sauce for pizzas, curry sauce and more.

All of them provide a fresh taste and are a perfect supplement to your professional kitchen.


SOUPS… OSWALD provides several classic soups that surpass mainstream quality

DESSERTS… Try our various dessert powders. These include panna cotta made without gelatin, as well as our classic vanilla, chocolate, and caramel creams.

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