OSWALD’s product and service range for professional chefs and clients in the food preparation industry may be somehow comparatively “tiny”, but for certain it is “shiny”.

Since 1951, we have been manufacturing Professional Kitchen Aid Food Items, focusing on a very demanding Swiss domestic market.

Whereas many other players in international markets are appealing by a wide choice and service, we at OSWALD strive to achieve a focused base line for professional chefs by excellent taste, outstanding quality and a natural finish.

Of course, at OSWALD we work only with outstanding raw material and do run various lines with specific ingredients, be it our successful “Nature Treasure Line” or our specific “Swiss Home Treasure Line”. However, we also continue to offer our traditional lines that have been satisfying professional chefs over decades.

We gladly invite you to try us out. Why not differentiate your daily “Kitchen Aid Food Products” from others, by going for OSWALD’s Gourmet Bouillons and Seasonings!

Make a new experience and do approach us, telling us your needs! We are gladly at your service and await with pleasure your comments.


Oswald has been hard at work seasoning and spicing up Switzerland since 1951 by providing seasonings and bouillons for both professional chefs and home cooks. Even at an early age, company founder Meinrad Oswald was fascinated by raw ingredients from all over the world. Since his greatest passion was to discover unique spices, the taste and aromas of his spice and seasoning blends clearly stand apart from conventional mixes. Continuing this tradition today, Oswald’s high quality products always impress customers with their excellent flavours and versatility in the kitchen.

Oswald Philosophy
Swiss Premium Products Oswald


Oswald only uses high-quality, carefully selected natural ingredients. These are then transformed with painstaking care at our production site in Steinhausen/Canton of Zug. With these sophisticated compositions of carefully blended spices and ingredients, your recipe is sure to be a success, and your guests will all be left wondering about your secret ingredient. This is precisely what characterises our bouillons, spices, desserts and coffee: outstanding flavour!